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Here at Schofield Studios we are always centered on our main focus… solving your company’s problems. I want to take a minute to explain our services and how each one can potentially help your company. First off, we don’t believe in “packages.” There is no one-size fits all approach to web design/development. Each company has a different brand and a different audience. Therefore your website should be tailored to that unique proposition.

Website Design and Development

Websites are a must have for companies. I’m sure you have heard this in some shape or form. More than ever people are researching businesses on the internet before purchasing or using your service. This makes it vital to have a presence online.

Schofield Studios believes that every business is unique and therefore should have a unique website. We don’t believe in an established business to use a generic theme based website. If you’re a new startup and on a tight budget then yes this may be the best option for your company. Either way, we can help you make this decision and execute on that decision.

You should look at a website as an investment in your company. It is a marketing material that is displaying 24/7. Customers can access it at anytime and many times it will be their first impression. You must ensure that it is a great experience when a customer/client comes to your website.

Mobile Design and Development

Since 2014, your customers have used their mobile devices to surf the internet more than a computer. This means your website must be capable of being viewed on mobile devices. In most cases, we use a thing called responsive design. This allows a website to change depending on what the screen size is. So your website will look great on phones, tablets, and desktops.

Custom Web Applications

Does your company need an app? Maybe you are a gym and need a more efficient way for you clients to access your schedule or sign up for classes. Maybe you’re a church and you need a better way for members to sign up for events or donate. No matter your circumstance, if you have a problem there is probably a technology solution for it. This is where a custom web application would be the best choice for you.

Apps are a great way to gain more exposure and engagement from your target audience. Many times it is more convenient for a customer to download an app and always have it on their phone instead of having to open a browser and find your website.

Website Hosting and Maintenance

Do you already have a great website? The problem is technologies, browsers, and many other things are rapidly changing. Things that worked yesterday may not work today. Are you prepared for the rapid changes?

You will need a reliable hosting service to keep your website running smoothly. You will also need to regularly make changes to avoid code from breaking and causing downtime. Security is also a growing problem that will need to be monitored.

This and many other things can cause many headaches for you. Maintaining a website is a lot of work and takes a lot of specialized skills. That is why many companies trust Schofield Studios to host and maintain their website.

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